13 Sep

Wood vs. Laminate


Wood Flooring

When trying to create a beautiful, natural feel for a residential or commercial space, it’s hard to go wrong with a wooden floor. However, there are times when a look-alike laminate floor is the better choice. To help with a decision let’s examine the major differences between wood and laminate. 

The difference between wood and laminate

As one can imagine, wooden floors are made entirely out of real wood.  Typically, one will find “solid” wood floors and “engineered” wood floors. Don’t let the latter fool, you. Engineered wood is still real wood, it’s just designed in a different manner. An engineered floor is cross-layered so that each layer is angled to the previous one. This makes the whole board stronger and more stable. 

Laminate floors are quite different. Instead  of using real wood, the face of a laminate floor is a printed copy of wood on top of a strong resin. The quality and realism of the laminate entirely depend on the print. Under the print, there is a MDF or HDF layer that supports the face followed by the resin to keep it all together.

Is wood or laminate better?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on your preference and the type of space you have. Wood is quite popular as it has that natural and authentic look. Each plank is different, thus giving your room a unique feel. Furthermore, there are many options to choose from and it’s not hard to find a wood floor to match your decor. The main downside here is that real wood damages easily. Over time, UV light will fade the floor and various scratches will accumulate on the surface from pets, furniture and anything else you can think of.

In the last few years, the appearance and quality of laminate flooring have improved greatly. It’s almost hard to tell the difference between laminate and a real floor these  days. In the past, laminate flooring was considering the cheap option for those that couldn’t afford real wood. However, with its rise in quality, this is no longer the case.

Laminate floors are durable and can stand the abuse that comes with everyday home life. Pets, children, furniture, and light are not an issue. However, it can still suffer water damage like real wood can. For those looking for a low maintenance and tough option for high traffic households and work environments, a laminate is a great choice.

Repairing hardwood and laminate

Hardwood floors are easily damaged but relatively easy to repair as well. Just a simple sand and refinish will have your hardwood floor looking great for many years to come.

Laminate, on the other hand, doesn’t repair easily. If you buy laminate flooring that comes in individual pieces and snaps together, you might be able to fix individual boards. Although, sunlight and age can affect how the new piece would match.

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