13 Sep

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring isn’t just for institutions anymore. Residential floor tiles are now being produced in a wide array of colors, sizes, and textures to provide a durable option to laminate and stone in areas where moisture can be a challenge. You might be surprised at what can be found to work with your flooring project.


For basements, work areas and small businesses, the traditional 12″ x 12″ single color tile provides a solid surface that stands up to years of sunlight, standing water and extensive foot traffic while maintaining much of its original finish and sheen.  Easy to care for, it is an economical option that offers more longevity than a cheaper vinyl application. While beige, black and white remain popular, tiles can be found in any shade and custom ordered to fit your decor.


For smaller rooms or for  a dramatic courtyard, mosaics and patterned tiles can add a real visual feature to an area, while still providing a long-lasting floor. Your imagination is about the only limit when seeking patterns.  Work with a design specialist to ensure the tile you order will work seamlessly with overall appearance of the area for the best effect.

Wood Grain

If a country kitchen appearance has always been in your dreams, but you don’t want a wood floor in the kitchen, there are ceramic tile options.  The tile looks like wood, yet has all the durable qualities and installation procedures of ceramic tile.  It’s a beautiful way to add depth to the appearance of the most important room in the house without worrying about staining or damage due to grease, spatters and spills.

Outdoor Patios and Pool Surrounds

When adding a outdoor kitchen or entertainment area just off your kitchen, consider using exterior tiling to carry the look and feel of your interior decor into the backyard.  Pool areas can benefit from textured finishes to reduce slippery surfaces while adding attractive finish to one of your most valuable home investments. Play with a wide variety of colors to create a playful pattern that works with outdoor furniture and awnings. There is simply no limit to what you can do with tiles.

Subway Tile

Now appearing in many restrooms and kitchens across America, the subway tile is offered to continue the bright, clean look of flooring tile up the walls for seamless appearance.  Order from the same dealer as your flooring to ensure a match for finish and color.

Professional Installation

The key to having a tile floor that lasts for decades is a solid installation. Experienced and trained tilers will ensure a seamless installation that won’t crack under daily usage as long as the corrent routine maintenance is conducted. While homeowners can learn to install tile, it takes practice to ensure there will be no cracks and heaves as time goes by.

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